Bud Lee

What: Opening of show of Bud Lee's recent work When: 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm Sunday, July 21 2013
Where: Grownman Studios, 6412 Central Ave, Tampa, Florida
Tickets: Free

Bud Lee's naturalistic style and the lengths he will go to capture an image have made his photography legendary. Italian film director Federico Fellini once wrote of him, "You crazy like me," after Lee spent three weeks on the set of "Satyricon," photographing Fellini for Esquire.

Bud Lee
Bud Lee

Lee's raw images of celebrities, war, landscapes and Americana have appeared in Esquire, Life, Travel and Leisure, Rolling Stone, Mother Jones, Town and Country, The New York Times and more.

A son of a diplomat, Bud Lee began looking at the world as an outsider at an early age. By adulthood, he was capturing what he saw through a camera lens.

Lee received a classical education from the Columbia School of Fine Arts and the National Academy of Fine Arts in Manhattan, but had no interest in being a studio photographer. He wanted to get closer and capture his subjects in natural settings.

His first professional work was for the U.S. Army, where he worked at the Stars & Stripes in 1965 and 1966. Military cohorts say Lee's work was legendary. In 1966, \tThe Department of Defense and the National Press Photographers Association named him U.S. Military Photographer of the Year.

After leaving the military, Lee hit the streets for Life Magazine and captured raw and chilling photographs of the first legally aborted fetus and the Newark, N.J. riots. In the later, Lee photographed looter Billy Furr shortly before Furr was shot and killed by police. He also captured the image of a bleeding child, who had inadvertently been hit by a policeman's bullet. The historic images made the cover of Life Magazine. That year, 1967, Lee was awarded Life Magazine Photographer of the Year.

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July 8 – August 7 2013
Les Blank Tribute

When: July 8 – August 7 2013
Where: Screenings at Grownman Studios, 6412 Central Ave, Tampa, Florida
Tickets: $5.00 (Tribute pass to all screenings $25.00)

The Les Blank Tribute, a thirty film retrospective of one of America's best documentary filmmakers, will be presented during the annual Cuban Sandwich Show, Tampa's month-long celebration of its own unique culture. Tampa-born Mr. Blank, who often presented new work at Tampa film festivals from the early 1970's through 2006, recently passed away.

First Annual Tampa Crab Enchilado Feast

Where: Tampa Cruis-A-Cade, 700 West Ross Street, Tampa, Florida 33602
Ticket: $25.00 advance tickets, $30.00 at door

Michelle Faedo's On the Go food truck service will prepare the crab enchilados, a traditional Tampa Cuban dish made of freshly caught blue crab and sauces and served warm with fresh bread.

Benefit Jam for John McEwen

When: 5:00 pm Saturday, August 3 2013
Where: Tampa Cruis-A-Cade, 700 West Ross Street, Tampa, Florida 33602
Ticket: $5.00 donation

Bring your own instruments to this benefit jam for John McEwen. Judy Tampa and John's group, Bunko Squad, will be present.

Con Leche

From Creative Loafing
Crab and Community

This article at CreativeLoafing - Tampa will get your palate in the mood for our own Crab Enchilado Feast, August 3, 2013.

CL food writer Andy Huse presents a history of the blue crab enchilado (or chilau or shelah depending on your family background).

Regardless of its name, its essence is the same: "blue crabs simmered in a slightly spicy tomato sauce and served over pasta", says Huse.